Snowshoeing to Falls Creek Trailhead

March 2, 2013 by:
Falls Creek Road Closed in Winter, makes for good snowshoeing.

Falls Creek road closed in the winter and makes for great, nearby snowshoeing here in The Gorge.

Falls Creek, outside of Carson is hands down one of my favorite spots to go mountain biking in the summer, but come winter, it is not a place I think much about, well that all changed last weekend. On our drive up the Wind River Rd, we had intentions of driving all the way to the top of  Oldman Pass, which is 11 miles beyond where the turn off is for Falls Creek, but when we got to where the turn off would be ( now blocked by snow) we decide to park the car and begin at the bottom of the road. For anyone who is not familiar, this road is typically dusty and well-traveled in summer, and does not make for an ideal hiking destination, but like I mentioned, come winter, that all changes!

To access the trail , we climbed over the 5 foot wall of snow created by snow plows, strapped on our snowshoes and headed up from there to the Falls Creek trailhead. Here are some pics from our adventure. The total hike to the Falls Creek trailhead took us roughly 4 hours, and is approximately 4 miles long, though we did take the wrong fork in the road once, and ended up on the Wind River. Simple rule is, when in doubt, stay right.  Now of course, we were not setting any land speed records, and it could be done much faster, but we were in no rush and took many stops along the way to read signs and just generally relax on our Sunday hike.  Throughout we did not meet or see another person, which is certainly not common when compared to the countless popular hikes throughout The Gorge, and is certainly one reason I will be back soon!


Falls Creek FR 3062 and 152A.

Sign off of the Wind River Rd to Falls Creek. This turn off is one mile after making a right to continue onto Wind River Road just beyond the Carson Fish Hatchery.

More open road all to yourself.

Open road on our way to Falls Creek.

Snow Covered road along Falls Creek Hike.

Snow covered bridge about 3/4 of a mile into our hike.

Reforesting native Ponderosa Pines.

Ponderosa Pines forest project seen along the way.