Hike The Gorge Nov. 9th

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Cost for the event is $35.00 a person. Kids under 6 are free. Kids 6-12 are $20.00.


The U.S. Forest Service has notified Hike The Gorge that Hike The Gorge needs to obtain a special event permit for any event on National Forest System lands where an entry or participation fee is charged.  To be clear, the Hike The Gorge event is a theme dinner party to celebrate hiking in The Gorge and to help raise money for the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.  Hike The Gorge is charging a fee only for the dinner party and celebration, not for hiking.  In fact, hiking itself is not a requirement of Hike The Gorge – you can just join us for the party!

We encourage (but don’t require) you to bring a recent or past hiking experience to the event ( see Photo and Trip Report Contest Below), or to simply come to support West Columbia Gorge Humane Society.  Of course, we further encourage you to hike on the day of the event but your recent hiking experience can also be from any past experience or a day leading up to it.  But again, please note that Hike the Gorge is not authorized to have hikers on National Forest System lands in the Scenic Area as part of its event.  So, if you hike on such lands on the day of the event, you are doing so without connection to or sanction of Hike The Gorge.

So what makes this event special?

We are raising money for the West Columbia Gorge Humane Society in helping to get more dogs onto trails and animals into caring homes! We are looking to celebrate hiking in The Gorge.


How are you raising money?

One buck of each drink ticket, five bucks of every t-shirt, 50/50 raffle and a portion of the proceeds for overnight stays at the Carson Hot Spring Resort will go to support the cause!

Hike The Gorge November 9th, 2013

Hike The Gorge November 9, 2013

How does it work?


We have all been on terrific hikes in The Gorge, and if you haven’t, now is the time to do it.  We are encouraging you, Pick a hike, share your experience, sign up for the party, consider spending the night!

We also encourage you  to chronicle (if you haven’t already) your hiking adventure  by taking up to 20 pictures (no video)  of your hiking experience, and submit them along with a trip report, so that we can record your hike, use it to share with our hiking community, and for entry into our Photo Trip Report Contest. Award for Best Trip Report and Photo Roll will  be presented on December 16th, 2013. Submission of photos and trip reports are due by November 16th, 2013. At the event, we will be available to collect your photos of the day, or you can make arrangements to send us images using Dropbox’s public link feature. If you are not familiar with this or other similar technologies that require you to download their software and have a username and password, we strongly encourage you to submit your images the day of the event!

What is the location?

The Party Celebration starts at 6 PM and will go until 10 PM.

Elk Ridge Golf Course
1 St. Martin’s Spring Road, Carson, Washington 98610

What is the cost? 

Cost for the event is $35.00 a person. Kids under 6 are free. Kids 6-12 are $20.00.

  1. Entry into our Photo and Trip Report Contest
  2. Dinner
  3. Chance to win cash and prizes
  4. Dancing, music, and lots of fun!

Is there going to be alcohol at the event?

This is an all ages event, but for those over 21, there will be $3.00 drink tickets available for AniChe wine and Backwoods Brewing beer!

How do I make a reservation to stay overnight?

You can call 509.427.8296, which is the reservation desk for Carson Hot Spring Resort. Tell them you are with the Hike The Gorge Event. http://carsonhotspringresort.com.

Who are the sponsors? 

TheGorge.com, Backwoods Brewing, Aniche Cellars, Vita Coco, and Carson Hot Springs Resort.




  1. Hey, Kenny! Can we register for this great event, and great cause, but do a virtual hike? Sending love from Colorado!

  2. Tammy Gioia Connolly says:

    Trying to figure out some details – is it $35 per person or per team? How big should a team be? When will we know what hike we are assigned and where are the choices listed?

  3. Hi Barbara, thanks so much! You can register for the event sure, donate your tickets, and we will assign those hikes to people who otherwise could not afford the event. Thanks for the lovely consideration!

  4. Hi Tammy, thanks for your interest in Hike The Gorge. So to answer some of your questions, we are looking for teams between 2-10 people. The cost is $35 per person and includes dinner at Elk Ridge Golf Course, dancing, music, dancing, and entrance into our Photo and Trip Report Contest. If you sign up at thegorge.com/hikethegorge, you can pick your top 3 choices, and once we have received payment, we will assign you a hike based on your preference and availability. Let me know if you have any other questions.