Hambleton Lumber

January 23, 2013 by:

I got a chance to speak with David Ripp over at the Port of Camas and Washougal about what is happening with the old Hambleton lumber, which is now a large open lot and waiting to be developed. He said,  ”during the clean-up of the site and after, the Port will be working on grant applications to construct a water front trail along the shoreline of the site”.

25 acre Hambleton Lumber , now partially owned by the Port of Camas and Washougal.

Below is a statement for advertisement for the Request for Qualifications the Port of Camas and Washougal is advertising currently for the site.

The Port of Camas-Washougal has recently purchased 13.25 acres of a 25 acre former mill property that closed back in 2010. The port conducted an environmental due diligence in early 2012 to determine potential contamination of the site from the 60 year operation of the lumber mill. In order to move forward with waterfront development of this site, contamination that was discovered during the environmental due diligence needs to be remedied. Those interested may request a copy of the due diligence information.


The work to be performed by the consultant will likely include the following elements:

· Working with the Port and the Department of Ecology to conduct a formal cleanup of the Site using agreed orders (if necessary) and a consent decree

· Supporting the Port in its Local Toxics Account grant application

· Developing necessary documents and reports for Ecology and to bid the construction of the remedy

· Monitoring the installation of the remedy

· Conducting any post-construction or long term monitoring



  1. It would be so great to have a walking trail overlooking the Columbia river in this spot of Camas/Washougal. I know it might take awhile to come together, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed!