Building Stronger Communities through Crossfit

January 20, 2013 by:
Crossfit North Pacific

Getting ready to start my workout at Crossfit North Pacific.


I recently started going to a Crossfit gym down the street – CrossFit North Pacific. I actually met the owners Polly and David Albright, at a recent Camas and Washougal Local Connections meeting. They asked me for help with their website, and asked if I would be willing to exchange web work for time at their Crossfit gym? Initially, I have to admit, I was not sure how keen I was on CrossFit? I think I had fears it would be a bunch of meat heads and people barking orders. Now looking back, my notions could not have been further from the truth. For anyone who is not familiar, in Crossfit, you have what is called a Workout Of the Day. For short it is called a WOD. Prior to your WOD, you have a warm-up, which may be some combination of running, rowing, sit-ups, push-ups, box jumps, pull-ups, or literally hundreds of other named exercises in various combinations. In Crossfit they say, “Routine is the enemy”, so you literally have no idea what your workout is going to be before you come in, and I think for me, it is part of what I have really enjoyed about it so far! In Crossfit, you often time your workout, so if you were looking on, and you were not familiar with Crossfit, it might look like everyone in the room was competing with each other. The reality is, everyone in that room, they are your biggest fans and helpful supporters, getting you to the finish line each day. In Crossfit, you no doubt get a tremendous strength and cardiovascular workout, but I think for me, the most exceptional part of Crossfit has been seeing how people come together to support each other in health and community!

Crossfit Group Shot Washougal

Workout Complete!


  1. Kenny you are one hard worker and an incredibly fun guy to have in the box! Thanks for making us laugh and always giving 100%!

  2. My favorite Kenny quote can only be told in person!!!