Gorge Commission Preps for Talks with Oregon and Washington Legislatures to Raise Budget

September 11, 2012 by:

Gorge Commission Preps for Oregon And Washingto State Legislatures

The commission, which is funded equally by the Washington and Oregon legislatures, has asked for a budget that would bring its biennium total to $2.6 million, Nichols said, or about $1.3 million per year. That would bring the agency closer to its pre-recession levels, allow it to restore some core functions and look ahead to the future, he said.

Of course, that’s far from a sure thing. During a committee meeting in Portland last month, commission leaders discussed whether the agency should continue to focus its efforts on the Vital Signs project, or turn more attention to its push for more funding. The group recommended the latter course of action. The full commission holds its next meeting Tuesday in Hood River, Ore.

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Gorge commission preps funding pitch