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Skyway Bar and Grill

Jammin’ at The Skyway

If you have the propensity towards affection for anything The Grateful Dead, you sure missed out the other night at The Skyway Bar & Grill. The Skyway is located in Zigzig, Oregon, nestled up … [Read More...]

Spring brings daffodils to Bonneville Lock and Dam

Bonneville Dam has gone Daffy!

Every year around this time, Bonneville Lock and Dam staff fields questions about the daffodils planted along the entrance road. After construction of the 1993 lock, thousands of daffodils were … [Read More...]

Larch Mt. Oregon

Larch Mountain Lookout Majesty

  Helens, Adams, Rainier, Hood and Jefferson create a mighty panoramic atop Larch Mountain Lookout in the Mt. Hood National Forest. Never have I seen such a stunning ¬†display of Oregon and … [Read More...]

Washougal River

Washougal River Running High

The Washougal River looking fierce after all the rain fall. Here are some pics of miles 4 and7 on Washougal River Road. Boaters take extreme caution. … [Read More...]

Mt. Hood, OR

Upcoming Events in the Gorge!

  Do you hear it? It's the soft purple skin of Oregon Fawn Lily shedding dew drops. It's the pink pucker of Indian Plum as it arches gracefully toward a silky meadow's green embrace. It's … [Read More...]

Hood River, OR

Double Mountain Celebration!

Welcome the shift in season with Double Mountain Brewery's 7th anniversary party tomorrow, Saturday March 15th, in Hood River! The event will feature boot shaking live music and delicious Double … [Read More...]


Local Women in Business: The Book Peddler

  There's nothing like it. The slightly dusty, worn and weathered, cedar shelved scent of a good, used bookstore. It immediately activates my reptilian brain. My memory center. My association … [Read More...]

Sweet hammock...until we meet again.


Finally! After a surprisingly dry December and January, winter is upon us in the Gorge. There are red, frosty, delighted faces careening down the slopes as we speak, and impromptu snowboarding courses … [Read More...]